theory+thread's Fall photo shoot!

The girls and I had so much fun with our photo's!! DE3 photography solutions kills it every time; however, this time he knocked it out of the park!!

It's always difficult shopping for clothing items online! I, myself love to shop so I do know this struggle. If you're anything like me, I can't make a decision to save my life so that makes it even more gut wrenching. Especially when you just HAVE to have it! You sit there with you're trigger finger or thumb contemplating the most obvious...."I just don't know what size will fit me best" and "I wish I knew what size the model is wearing"....

I needed a way to portray my threads in the best way possible to hopefully make this shopping online experience a bit easier. I don't think it fair to not physically see the item in real life on a real person, especially for my curvy gals! Putting a curvy sweater on one of those clothing store mannequins just wasn't cutting it for me. Most certainly not my customers whom are spending their money and trusting in theory+thread to supply them the best comfort and fit!

So, with that being said this is the reason for our photoshoot ladies!! We had girls of every size modeling our threads in hopes to ease your mind a bit..theory+thread will continue this photoshoot adventure with our new arrivals weekly. Bare with us as we continue our work to get these pics taken and all uploaded with description of what size the models are wearing!

We appreciate each one of you for continually supporting theory+thread. You all are contributing to making my personal dream come true! The ultimate goal is to one day own that brick&mortar store front and provide the best shopping experience with only the cutest threads!!